Your great grandma had it on her dresser, so did your grandma and probably also your aunt Sophie. A nostalgia for days gone by, dating back to 1792 when the young businessman Wilhelm Muelhens received the secret recipe as a wedding gift from a monk, and soon after it was out on the market. The […]


Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen I got this homemade garden gnome (18 cm tall man made out of cement) as a Christmas present from my neighbour who loves gardening as much as I do. I probably looked like a question mark when I unpacked. Who was this Santa Claus look a like, ugly, little fellow? Now I […]


Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen I do love this time of the year. To work in the garden with the smell of autumn in the air, and little by little preparing my garden for the change of season. In Scandinavia at the moment the flowers have their last blooming, and all the leaves are turning red, orange and […]


  Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen A favorite rose in my garden at the moment is the Double delight which has finally unfolded its petals. It is such a beauty and has the best of fragrance. It has actually another name as well; the Tudor rose. And thanks to the former king Henry Tudor VIII of England we are able to […]


This color circle has always fascinated me. The circle is based on the three primary colors; yellow, red and blue. They are primary because they are impossible to create. If we mix any two of the primary colors, we’ll have the secondary colors orange, purple and green. If these again are mixed we’ll have the […]


Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen When it comes to gardening I would say that we can divide people into four categories; Group one: The ones who hate their garden, and want to move into an apartment as soon as possible Group two: The ones who want a garden, but don’t particularly like to spend much time working there. They like plants that […]


Some friends on their way on vacation left us five bulbs of Hyacinths (Hyasinter/Svibler) in a box yesterday. I have never had them in the house before although they are regarded as the Christmas flower. That will probably change now because I simply love their fragrance besides the fact that they come in all kinds […]