Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen

It is not a secret that I love my country and Scandinavia in general. I consider myself a true Norwegian or a Scandinavian although I do love to travel around the world as well. Here we are on the ferry between Moss and Horten back home after been visiting the family at the eastern part of Norway this weekend.

In order to be inspired by what Norway has to offer, dive into the informal link here written by the New Zealander Jess Miller who recommends 100 Best Things To Do In Norway. For my friends around the world, get inspired and come. For my Norwegian friends use it as a check-list to see whether or not you have missed out anything 🙂

The Norwegian short film «Iconic Norway» directed by film maker Grim Berge in Natural Light AS became the silver winner for Best Photo for Tourism Films in Cannes this September (2017). Watch the beautiful scenes with shots from northern Norway all the way to the very south. Sit back and enjoy from here.

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