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The coming Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent, and I can finally allow myself having that good old Christmas feeling. Although the stores have started weeks ago, it is the last four weeks before Christmas that count.

I am as ever excited about reading my favorite Christmas tale, the book The Christmas Mystery by the Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder who also has written Sophie’s world. It invites you to read a new chapter every day and at the same time open a new window. The book is translated into 32 languages among them Bengali, Thai and Korean.

I really enjoy to read about Joachim who discovers a magic calendar in a a dusty, old bookstore in Norway. When he opens the first window on December first, a small piece of paper falls out containing the story of a little girl named Elisabet. Gaarder has indeed used his historical insight and his beautiful imagination and has created a unique story where he takes us back through history by following two stories.
I really recommend to read the book, and the original Norwegian version can be purchased from here. There are of course an English version, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German version.

– A skilful and lasting achievement, with all the elements of a perfect Christmas tale.
The Times

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