Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen

The 17th of May is Norway’s Constitution Day, and it is celebrated with children’s parades, food, drink and festivities. The trees have just turned green and the streets are full of people wearing “bunader”, Norway’s traditional national costumes. Everywhere you look there are children with an ice-cream cone in their hands and a smile on their face. And flags. There are lots and lots of flags in the colorful processions of children with their banners and bands – not military parades – that play the main role.

Norwegian National Costumes are suits/dresses special and unique for each district or area of Norway. These special garments are worn on holidays and special occasions such as weddings and on the National Day. I simply love my bunad, and I feel so proud every time I wear it. It is part of my identity of being Norwegian, and part of my identity of being from Indre Østfold, the eastern part of the country. This is how mine look like, and this is how my son’s look like, this is my daughter’s and both of them are from the southern part of Norway, Agder where we live.

I asked a lady from Bosnia once what she thought had been the best part by coming to Norway as a refugee during the nineties, and I expected an answer like living in a free country with no war and so on. She replied quite surprisingly; – It is every year to be a part of the Norway’s National Day with all its “bunader”.

Join the day yourself by watching the celebration from Oslo here!!

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