I have put out our nativity scene (krybbe) in the living-room. These figures have followed us since the children were small and this year I have adopted the Spanish tradition to set up the scene two weeks before Christmas.


Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen

Mary and Joseph’s ride to Bethlehem has always interested me. What if they had known that they were to change the history forever and that artists from all over the world the next two thousand years would try to re-create the moment of the birth of the Child Jesus.

I also find it fascinating to compare the young Mary on the back of a donkey with the holy Madonna in gold and glitter who we meet in the Catholic church.

If you have time for a little break in your Christmas preparations I will recommend you to read my article “Fra Maria til Madonna” on pages 8 -10 and then look and listen to the Norwegian artist Ole Paus’ fabulous story about Joseph. (Both in Norwegian).

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