Gelato or ice cream is to be found in Rome at almost every corner it’s seems like. The Romans do love their gelaterias.

When we discovered this ice cream heaven where the sensation in each spoonful was intensely real, we decided to skip the well-known and touristy ice cream places. At Gelateria del Teatro they do offer ice cream with juice hand squeezed from Amalfi Coast lemons and hand chopped pistachios from Sicily. And the variety of chocolate is unbelievable, ranging from “al latte” to “puro” – reputedly 70% chocolate.

Stefano, the owner, told us that the gelato is made of fresh and organic ingredients sourced locally with no artificial colors, flavors or thickeners. The former pastry chef and his wife Silvia opened the gelateria in 2006, taking the traditional Italian specialty to a level of haute gastronomic genius.


Photos: Kristin Bae Mysen

In the window we could view all the fresh ingredients which were used in the ice-cream and one of the employee making it.

My favorites after paying a visit nearly every day were:
*Ricotta, Sicilian almond and fig
*White chocolate and basil
*Fresh mint and chocolate
*Rosemary honey lemon

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