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My name is Kristin Bae Mysen and I run BOKSTUDIO, my publishing company, where I both write and publish my own books. If you want to get in touch with me, please send an email to

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“Blå hester i Guds hage – om å være til stede i eget liv” “Blue horses in the garden of God” about being present in one’s own life” is out again in its third printing in Norwegian. An English version is due the fall 2015.This is a book of great value because it shows us how we may enrich our everyday lives by simple means. And that life takes on a new dimension when we manage to be totally present in what we think, feel and do.
Daily reflections inspire us to take care of ourselves and other people. It encourages us to make sure that we are where we wish to be or if time is ripe for change. The texts offer help for releasing negative patterns of thought, the fear of ageing and the anxiety of dying.
The book invites us to be aware of our senses, our enjoyment and appreciate the life that surrounds us. And, not least of all, it wishes that we are true to ourselves, the blue and unique horse in the garden of God.
Two to three thousand- year- old texts reinforce each page. It comes with a blue bookmark in silk. This is a book for everyone.
Hardback. 180 pages. Elegant design. Trimmed size 15,5×18,5 cm
ISBN 978-82-92-24601-6

“Great wisdom between the covers. It is quite simply a book about how to gain a richer life by finding the treasures which are located so near us” –Magasinet Det Gode Liv

“A beautiful book which inspires to take care of oneself” –Utdanning

Kr. 249,-  Porto kommer i tillegg  Foreløpig utsolgt fra forlag

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Barndomsliv på Vinstra”  With this book the author invites you on an interesting and fascinating journey through a part of the cultural history of Norway. It depicts a childhood during the 1940s and 1950s with descriptions and pictures from the rural area of Vinstra in Gudbrandsdalen. Here we find friendship and play, school and leisure and last but not least, glimpses from the special epoch during the Second World War. Ruth Sønsterud Mysen shares her memories in a generous manner, many dear but some painful memories from a time that was very different from the present. She writes intimately about growing up in hard times, but also about a childhood which bore the stamp of joy and happiness despite challenging conditions. Hardback, 160 pages. Norwegian only. Elegant design.  Trimmed size 14,8 x 21,0 cm.
ISBN 978-82-92246 -02-3

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“Foreldretanker” “The thoughts of parents” is a collection of poetry that I have edited about parents following their children from newborn to adults. There are 36 Norwegian poets represented in the collection with the exception of the Danish Tove Ditlevsen. The book covers a wide variety from cherished national authors like Halldis Moren Vesaas , André Bjerke, Inger Hagerup to present day poets like Annie Riis, Gro Dahle, Kolbein Falkeid and Stein Mehren to mention a few. Three of my own poems are included. The book functions as a reference book because of its chronological order of age, and it is divided into chapters which reflects how parents relate to the physical, mental and social development their child goes through at different stages.
“Foreldretanker” “Thoughts of parents” is a perfect gift for parents and caregivers. In addition the book has relevance for professionals who work with children and young people in schools and kindergartens.
The book contains poems that can be used according to birth, baptism and confirmation. Norwegian only. Hardback and illustrated by Randi Kvilaas. 180 pages.  Elegant design. Trimmed size 17×21 cm.
ISBN 82-92246-00-2


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“Førti uker. En fargerik reise gjennom et svangerskap” “Forty weeks. A colorful journey through a pregnancy” is a journal meant to inspire and be a companion on the journey to motherhood. It contains the author’s poetry, well-known words of wisdom and striking illustrations. The book is colorful and comes with a green bookmark in silk. It has space for notes, and its own pages for writing down dreams. “Førti uker” “Forty weeks” is free from medical terms, but is focusing on thoughts, feelings, dreams and humor during a nine months journey. Norwegian only. Paperback and illustrated in colors by Anne Siri Moe. 128 pages. Trimmed size 12×21,5 cm.
ISBN 978-82-78-86023-6