Edited by Kristin Bae Mysen

Indigenous peoples such as the Native Americans, the Aborigines from Australia, the Māori  from New Zealand and the Sami people from Sápmi (Sameland) have expressed their culture through art since the beginning of time. Traditional art show animals, hunters, mythical creatures or ceremonies.
They are deeply connected with nature, and the idea is reflected in the Māori word ‘kaitiakitanga’, which means guarding and protecting the environment in order to respect their ancestors and secure the future.

I am teaching my high school students about the Indigenous peoples at the moment, and every year I reach these chapters, I find myself fascinated time and time again, by their bond to nature that the civilized world has left behind.

*Upper left: Raewyn Harris/Māori art * Upper right: Nils Aslak Valkeapää/Sami art
*Lower left: Rosie Tasman/Aboriginal art * Lower right: American Indian Fine Art

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