Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen

A friend of mine who always drinks her peppermint tea out of a light green cup, taught me long time ago that each drink should have its special cup. In my case it meant that I had to have a cup for regular coffee, one for caffè latte, another for English tea, for my orange tea and then again one for different types of herb tea. I liked the idea although it felt a bit out there in the beginning. But now I have done it for  years meaning when holding an empty cup I associate it with a certain taste and fragrance. So drinking tea from a coffee mug is no longer a hit for me.

From the cups above I drink Pukka herb tea which is ordered from my favorite site for healthy products iHerb.com . These colorful cups are bought at Indiska which is a Swedish family enterprise that has existed for over 110 years. As many of us know it sells a mix of fashion and interior fittings inspired by India.

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