Photo: Kristin Bae Mysen

I am a fan of collecting recipes and I have done it since I was 14, meaning when I go through my binder, it is like passing through history. Here are my favorite nut cake my aunt always served at family parties when I was a child, the crab mold salad from my year in California when I was a teenager and Dolma (stuffed bell pepper) from the time I was teaching Bosnian students in the 90s.

A young friend told me that before she moved out from her parents’ house last year, she made her mother, grandmother, boyfriend and other friends write down the recipes of the dishes they make which she loves in a notebook. She also asked them to add a personal statement and a greeting next to it like: “I have made this lemonade every summer since I was ten. Hope you will enjoy it as well, best regards”.
What a good idea !

My new chili binder is ordered from this webite. Here you will find all kinds of fruits and vegetable covers.

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